Our Ventures

  • WEAG Solution

    WEAG Solution is a joint venture by four well-known Norwegian research institutes – NILU, NIVA, NGI and IFE.

    It is a research alliance focusing on cross-cutting idea and project development within the science of water, energy, air and geotechnics, leading to innovation and environmental solutions for the benefit of various businesses and the society. Together the owner institutes of WEAG possess significant resources, with over 800 researchers and extensive laboratory and technical facilities.

  • NILU Polska

    NILU Polska is involved in research regarding broadly defined environment protection and activities for transferring BATs into the Polish market, especially in the scope of energetic use of biomass, waste management and emission reduction.

  • Logo InnoSense


    InnoSense is an unique intelligent micro sensor platform for monitoring air quality.

    For one year, the period from 15th of October 2016 to 15th of October 2017, there has been a 91% correlation between the InnoSense unit located at Oslo/Hjortnes, compared to the air quality reference station at Oslo/Hjortnes. This level of correlation, reliability and longevity has never before been demonstrated for any micro sensor platform.